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    Twitter App

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    Please be aware that the current Twitter integration facilitated by Rocket.Chat Twitter app has been deprecated. This change follows unilateral amendments to the terms and conditions by Company X (formerly known as Twitter), which has impacted the ability to manage Twitter customer messages directly within Rocket.Chat. Our team is diligently investigating alternative solutions to re-establish this integration. We will provide updates and documentation on a new app designed to deliver an enhanced integration experience as soon as a resolution is found.

    It is a paid subscription that costs you $25 monthly.

    You must have the Omnichannel feature enabled and have agents and managers assigned to receive and send Omnichannel messages.

    Install Twitter app

    To install the Twitter app,

    • Go to Administration > Apps > Marketplace.

    • Search for the Twitter app.

    • Click Install and accept the needed permissions. You receive a message from in the #omnichannel-twitter-setup channel with setup instructions.

    Configure Twitter app

    To configure the Twitter app,

    • On the Twitter App Info screen, navigate to Settings.

    • Update the Settings:

      • Default Department. Only the agents of this department can serve Twitter conversations.

      • Service Unavailable Message: A message sent to visitors when no agents are available online.

      • Welcome Message: A message sent to visitors when they send their first message in a conversation.

      • Conversation Finished Message: A message sent to visitors when the conversation is closed.

      • Agents Display Name: You can display the agent's name or username.

      • File Upload Enabled: You can enable/disable file sharing and set a limit for maximum upload size.

      • Accepted Media Type: Select the type of files that can be shared between the Agents and your Twitter Contacts.

    • Click Save Changes.

    Twitter authentication

    Before sending any messages, you must authorize the Omni-Gateway to send and receive Twitter messages on behalf of your account.

    To start the authentication with Twitter,

    • From the message, click on the Start Authentication button.

    • The authentication process is started. Hit Click here to authorize.

    • You are redirected to a page where you can use your business mail to authorize Twitter.

    • Confirm the mail and click Authorize app.

    • You will receive a success message with credentials for the Twitter account authenticated to your workspace.

    Twitter app shortcuts

    The Twitter app has a list of shortcuts to ease usage.

    • /twitter authorize: Starts the Twitter authorization process

    • /twitter unauthorize: Revoke Twitter authorization

    • /twitter support: Show support info

    • /twitter help: Shows help message

    Uninstall Twitter app

    To delete the Twitter app from your workspace,

    • Go to Administration > Apps > Installed.

    • Click the kebab menu against the Twitter app.

    • Select Uninstall.

    • Click Yes to confirm the uninstallation.

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