Using Microsoft Teams Bridge
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    Using Microsoft Teams Bridge

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    Before using Microsoft Teams Bridge, you must have your organization's Teams account or Guest Account. Without your authorization, no one can access your Teams data or send/receive messages for you.

    Log in to your Microsoft Teams account to allow Microsoft Teams Bridge to synchronize your messages.

    To use Microsoft Teams Bridge in a channel or DM,

    • Using the slash command, type /teamsbridge-login-teams to log in to your Teams account and Send.

    • Click the Login Teams button from the message returned. It redirects you to log in to your Teams account. You can also log out by typing /teamsbridge-logout-teams.

    A bot is created for all team users in the workspace. Communication with users in Microsoft Teams Bridge is via bots.

    • After a successful login, type /teamsbridge-provision-teams-bot-user and click Send to create a bot user in the workspace for all users in your Teams organization.

    Add users to a room using Microsoft Teams Bridge

    To add a user from your Teams organization to a room on your workspace,

    Adding a Teams Bot user is only supported for private channels, private teams, and private discussions.

    • Using the slash command, type /teamsbridge-add-user and Send.

    • An Add Teams users screen is shown. Select all the users in your Teams organization you want to add to the room.

    • Click Add users.

    Send a Direct Message (DM) using Microsoft Teams Bridge

    Since communication on Rocket.Chat with Microsoft Teams Bridge uses bots; click the user's bot from the room, and send a message. They will receive the messages in their Teams account as direct messages.

    To create a direct message from the menu bar,

    • Click the Create New icon in the Rocket.Chat menu bar, then select Direct Message.

    • Select the bot of the user you want to start a DM with. Then, click Create and send a message.

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