Anonymizer App

The Anonymizer App ensures confidentiality in your organization by enabling users to forward messages to rooms in your workspace anonymously. This tool maintains sender anonymity, fostering a secure environment for open expression, feedback, suggestions, and discussions without fear of reprisal.

Install the Anonymizer App

To install the Anonymizer App,

  • Go to Administration > Apps > Marketplace.

  • Search for the Anonymizer app.

  • Click Install and agree to the needed permissions.

Configuring the Anonymizer App

To configure the Anonymizer App after installing it,

  • On the Anonymizer App Info screen, navigate to Settings.

  • Update the required fields:

    • Members Room Name: The Anonymizer app is only enabled for members of this room. Messages from users who aren't members of this room are ignored. This field is case-sensitive.

    • Room Name: The room where the anonymous messages are posted. This field is case-sensitive.

    • Bot username: The username of the bot that forwards the message. Users send a DM to this bot in your workspace, which anonymously forwards the message to the configured room. The app uses by default.

    • Bot Alias: The display name of the bot. It's displayed as the sender with the forwarded message.

    • Bot Avatar (emoji): The emoji that represents the bot's avatar.

If you create a custom bot, ensure that it's a member of the room where the anonymous messages are posted.

Now that you've successfully set up the Anonymizer app, the next section guides you on how to use the app in your workspace.

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