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Bamboo Integration

Atlassian Bamboo Integration
This app can also work in a fully air-gapped environment. Follow the Air-gapped App Installation guide and continue with the configuration instructions below.

Install Bamboo Integration App

To install the Bamboo Integration App,
  • Navigate to Administration > Apps > Marketplace.
  • Search for the Bamboo Integration app.
  • Click Install.
  • Agree to the permissions to confirm the installation.

Configure Bamboo Integration App

Confirm that you have the Rocket.Chat Notifications for Bamboo add-on installed on your Bamboo server.
To configure the Bamboo Integration app,
  • Navigate to a channel or private room and run the slash command /bamboo install.
  • You will receive an ephemeral message with instructions on how to configure your Bamboo, as follows:
    • On your Bamboo, install the Rocket.Chat Notifications for Bamboo add-on.
    • Add notification on a Build Plan or Deployment Environment.
    • Select the "Rocket.Chat" recipient type.
    • On the "Rocket.Chat URL" field, insert the URL given in the ephemeral message (e.g.,
    • On the "Rocket.Chat channel" field, type the name of the channel or private room you want to be notified of the events.
    • Now, your Rocket.Chat workspace starts receiving the configured notifications.
The Bamboo Integration doesn't support every Build/Deployment event. Rocket.Chat won't send any notifications in response to unsupported events. The supported events include the following:
  • Plans:
    • All Builds Completed
    • Failed Builds and First Successful
  • Jobs:
    • All Jobs Completed
    • Failed Jobs and First Successful
    • Job Error
  • Deployments:
    • Deployment Started and Finished
    • Deployment Failed
Last modified 2mo ago
Deprecation for cloud services and apps is now extended to November 20, 2023. Rocket.Chat versions receive support for six months after release.