Using the ChatGPT App

Upon successfully installing and configuring the ChatGPT app, users can seamlessly engage with ChatGPT in their workspace through real-time conversations, substantially boosting productivity and efficiency.

Access the ChatGPT app

You can access the ChatGPT app in your workspace via the following methods:

Message Box Options

  • From the message box in a room, click the + icon.

  • Under Apps, select ChatGPT.

After you send the prompt and message, the app creates a direct message with the Here the bot responds to your prompts. You can send messages with your prompts directly in the direct message.

Direct Message

You can also create multi-user DMs with the and other users in your workspace.

  • On the Rocket.Chat menu bar, click the Create New icon, then select Direct messages.

  • Select the ChatGPT bot and the other users that you want to create a DM with.

  • Click Create. A new DM is created with the ChatGPT bot and the users you selected.

  • In the DM, send <prompt>. The bot responds to your prompt in a thread. You can continue the conversation with the bot in the thread.

All users and administrators on your workspace can use the ChatGPT app without restrictions.

ChatGPT Prompts

To use the ChatGPT app using the message box, you'll need to provide both a prompt and a message. The prompt serves as instructions for the message you're sending, and each query response is organized into a thread. This allows you to manage multiple simultaneous conversations with the ChatGPT app.

Selecting the right prompts is essential to achieve desirable results with the ChatGPT app. Consider using more detailed instructions when basic commands are insufficient. Here are some prompt suggestions for getting started with ChatGPT:

Prompt 1: Simplifying complex notions

Example: I want to learn about (insert specific topic). Explain (insert specific topic) to me like I'm 11 years old.

Prompt 2: Summarize text intelligently

Example: (Insert article/book/news) Summarize this entire text into five sentences.

Prompt 3: Stay current without leaving Rocket.Chat

Example: Help me stay updated on the latest developments and trends in (topic). What are some trustworthy resources I can follow to stay informed?

Prompt 4: Transform business conversations

Example: Proofread the below for spelling and grammar without changing the wording at all (Insert text).

Example: Adjust the tone of the paragraph below to make it more professional (Insert paragraph).

Prompt 5: Facilitate multilingual conversations

Example: Can you help me translate this paragraph (insert paragraph) from (source language) to (desired language)?

You can do a lot more with the Rocket.Chat ChatGPT app. These prompt examples are just to stimulate your creativity and help you get started with the app in your workspace.

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