HubSpot CRM Agent's Guide

If you have HubSpot CRM integration in place and a user sends you a message, it appears in your Rocket.Chat workspace just like any other Omnichannel conversation.

When you start serving the conversation as an agent, the Hubspot CRM Integration takes effect and displays options for various tasks in the chat.

View Existing HubSpot Contact

If it is an existing contact, you can view their contact info by clicking the Contact Info button in the chat.

View Deals

You can see all HubSpot deals associated with contacts, companies, engagements, line items, tickets, and custom objects by clicking View Deals.

Create Ticket

You can create a ticket and assign appropriate owners and stages to your tickets by clicking on Create Ticket.

View All Tickets

You can view and manage all HubSpot tickets by clicking View All Tickets.

Last updated

Rocket.Chat versions receive support for six months after release.