Instagram Direct

Omnichannel Integration between Rocket.Chat and Instagram Messenger API.
With Instagram Direct, you can handle messages from your Instagram Business Inbox directly in Rocket.Chat It works simply: Instagram users reach out to you via Instagram Direct messages, you answer chats from Rocket.Chat. Some key features of this integration include sending messages with quick reply buttons, welcome messages(starting/closing chat), file sharing, and the correlation between your Instagram Direct pages and your Rocket.Chat departments.
The Integration is available to the following Instagram Direct Professional Accounts:
  1. 1.
    All Business accounts
  2. 2.
    Creator accounts via a phased roll-out, beginning with accounts with less than 500k followers
Please find more info on the official rollout page by Instagram Direct here.
You must have the Omnichannel feature enabled as well as have agents and managers assigned in order to receive and send Omnichannel messages.
Please note that if you have a country restriction set on Instagram, you cannot receive messages on Rocket.Chat.