Managing Settings Using Environment Variables

You can set any settings value via an environment variable when starting your server. You will only have to know the setting id and what type of setting it is (boolean, string, integer, etc...).

Set Setting

To set a setting for the first time you need only to add the env var SETTING_ID=VALUE when starting the server.



Note: This only works if the setting isn't already set. So this is most useful for setting on initial start. If the setting already has a value you will need to use the syntax below

Overwrite Setting

You can overwrite any setting by setting an environment variable prefixed with: OVERWRITE_SETTING_



Block Settings

You can block a setting from being changed by specifying the SETTINGS_BLOCKED environment variable. This is a comma separated list. Any setting you want to block you need to add to this list.



Even you as an admin will not be able to change this via the UI. If you want to change the setting you will need to remove it from the list and reboot the server

Hide Settings


You can hide settings from the client by using the SETTINGS_HIDDEN environment variable


Be careful with this setting some settings like FileUpload_Storage_Type are needed by the client so cannot be hidden

Wizard Required Settings


You can force settings to be required on wizard pages by using the SETTINGS_REQUIRED_ON_WIZARD environment variable