Configure how troubleshooting is handled on your server.
To access this section, go to Administration > Settings > Troubleshoot.
We recommend these settings be altered only with guidance of the Rocket.Chat Development or Support Teams. Do not touch them if you don't know what you are doing!
  • Disable Notifications: This setting completely disables the notifications system; sounds, desktop notifications, mobile notifications, and emails will stop!
  • Disable Presence Broadcast: This setting prevents all instances from sending the status changes of the users to their clients keeping all the users with their presence status from the first load!
  • Disable Instance Broadcast: Setting this to true prevents the Rocket.Chat instances from sending events to the other instances. It may cause syncing problems and misbehavior!
  • Disable Sessions Monitor: This setting stops the processing of user sessions causing the statistics to stop working correctly!
  • Disable Livechat Activity Monitor: Activating this setting stops the processing of LiveChat visitor sessions causing the statistics to stop working correctly!
  • Disable Statistics Generator: Lets you stop the processing of all statistics making the info page outdated until someone clicks on the refresh button and may cause other missing information around the system.
  • Disable Data Exporter Processor: This setting stops the processing of all export requests from users, so they will not receive the link to download their data!
  • Disable Workspace Sync: Enabling this stops the sync of the server with Rocket.Chat's cloud and may cause issues with the marketplace and enterprise licenses!
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