Atlassian Bamboo Integration


You can install our Bamboo Integration Rocket.Chat App from your Rocket.Chat Administration area.
    Go to Administration > Marketplace
    Search for the Bamboo Integration and click on the item
    Click on the Install button
    Click on Activate
Now that you have the app installed in your server, it is time to configure the integration with your Bamboo instance.


Go to any channel or private group and execute the slashcommand /bamboo install. You will receive an ephemeral message with instructions on how to configure your Bamboo, as follows:
    On your Bamboo, install the Rocket.Chat Notifications for Bamboo add-on
    Add a notification on a Build Plan or Deployment Environment
    Select the "Rocket.Chat" recipient type
    On the "Rocket.Chat URL" field, insert the URL given to you by the step #4 in the ephemeral message (e.g.,
    On the "Rocket.Chat channel" field, type the name of the channel or private group you want to be notified of the events
After that, your Rocket.Chat will start receiving the configured notifications.
Note: Not all Build/Deployment events are supported by the Bamboo Integration at the time of this writing. Unsupported events will not result in any notification sent in Rocket.Chat. The list of supported events is as follows:
      All Builds Completed
      Failed Builds and First Successful
      All Jobs Completed
      Failed Jobs and First Successful
      Job Error
      Deployment Started and Finished
      Deployment Failed
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