Create new Multi-users Direct Message 1:M
Direct messages between multiple users
The feature allows the creation of direct message rooms between several users to exchange messages and files.
Unlike creating private groups, you do not need to specify the name or topic of the conversation; and you do not have to decide whether the room is read-only.
It works just like regular direct 1:1 messaging, the only difference is that multiple users are involved.
Users in a Multi-user direct message receive messages individually.

How to create the multi-users direct message room

Find the Create button in the top menu of your workspace. Click create, select Direct Messages:
Create direct message option
Choose who you want to add to the direct message room:
Select direct message participants
Once created, the room will appear in the direct message section of the rooms list on the left (if you sort by type):
Room list


Multi-users direct message rooms’ actions and options remain the same as in direct (1-on-1) messages, except for the ability to execute actions like: ignore, mute, block or remove.
The only user actions available are:
  • ability to make an audio call with the user
  • jump to a direct chat with them
User actions


As administrator, you can configure the maximum number of participants allowed in a direct message room (globally).
Look under Administration -> Message:
Our recommendation is a maximum of 8 users, but you can change the limit for your own needs.
Important: Since direct messages between multiple users are still a type of direct messages, for the first version of this feature, we decided to keep the same behaviors as a simple direct message as much as possible.
We have established a few rules to mimic this behavior:
  • You cannot create multiple direct message rooms with the same users combination;
  • You cannot change the room's name;
  • There is no description or topic fields;
  • You can not invite users for a pre-existing room (once created, the membership of the room CANNOT change);
  • You can not kick users from the direct messages room;
  • There is no owner (unlike channels);
  • It's not possible to delete the room, delete will ONLY hide the conversation FOR YOU (since there is no owner);
  • If you want to delete somebody from the conversation, create a new direct messages room without that participant. Same goes to adding a user to the room (there is currently no shortcut to this, you must respecify all the participants you want in the room).
  • Rocket.Chat allows user deletion, in this case, the messages from the deleted user will be gone, but the room will be preserved.