Central Authentication Service allows members to use one set of credentials to sign in to multiple sites over multiple protocols.

Central Authentication Service (CAS) allows users to use one set of credentials to sign in to many sites over many different protocols. Rocket.Chat includes a CAS plugin that allows you to use your existing CAS server for user authentication.

For more information on CAS, see the CAS github repo.

To access this setting, navigate to Administration > Workspace > Settings > CAS.

Your Rocket.Chat workspace is the CAS client. You must provide a compatible CAS Server.

Once you know your CAS server's URL, proceed with the settings below

  • Enabled: Enable CAS on your workspace

  • SSO Base URL: The base URL of your external SSO service e.g https://sso.example.undef/sso/

  • SSO Login URL: The login URL of your external SSO service e.g https://<<CAS_server_url>>/cas/login

  • CAS Version: Only use a supported CAS version supported by your CAS SSO service e.g (1.0|2.0)

The /cas and /cas/login URLs are defaults but not mandatory. Check with your CAS server provider if the defaults do not work.

  • Trust CAS username: When enabled, Rocket.Chat trusts that any username from CAS belongs to the same user on Rocket.Chat. This may be needed if a user is renamed on CAS, but may also allow people to take over Rocket.Chat accounts by renaming their own CAS users.

  • Allow user creation: Allows CAS User creation from data provided by the CAS ticket when enabled.

Attribute Handling

  • Always Sync User Data: When set to true, it synchronizes external CAS User data into available attributes upon login. Note: Attributes are always synced upon account creation anyway.

  • Attribute Map: Use this JSON input to build internal attributes (key) from external attributes (value). External attribute names enclosed with '%' are interpolated in value strings.

    Example, {"email":"%email%", "name":"%firstname%, %lastname%"}

    The attribute map is always interpolated. In CAS 1.0, only the username attribute is available. Available internal attributes are: username, name, email, and rooms; rooms is a comma-separated list of rooms to join upon user creation e.g: {"rooms": "%team%,%department%"} would join CAS users on creation to their team and department channel.

CAS Login Layout

  • Login Popup Width: Lets you set the width in px of the popup screen during login.

  • Login Popup Height: This lets you set the popup height in px.

  • Login Button Label: Set the button's label.

  • Autoclose Login Popup: When enabled, the popups automatically close after authenticating.

Click Save changes once you are done.

After successful configuration, your registration and login screens have the CAS button available.

  • It is recommended that you use a Trusted CA Signed SSL Certificate.

  • Any Drupal 7 or 8 sites can serve as a compatible CAS Server. To learn more, see the Drupal project guide.

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