You can use Rocket.Chat to talk to your customers and website visitors, regardless of which channel they choose to connect with you.
Effective December 6, 2023, Rocket.Chat will cease support for connections from cloud services and official mobile/desktop apps to workspaces running legacy versions outside our support window. Users on unsupported legacy servers are advised to upgrade to the latest Rocket.Chat version to ensure continued access to cloud, mobile, and desktop applications. Each Rocket.Chat version is supported for six months post-release.
Rocket.Chat Omnichannel facilitates the integration of multiple customer communication channels into your workspace. This feature includes the integration of an Omnichannel Live Chat widget on your website, acting as a gateway for customer interactions or direct support. Additionally, it offers Omnichannel Apps, enabling seamless interactions between Rocket.Chat and external users across various platforms such as WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, Instagram Direct, Telegram, and more. The use of Omnichannel is instrumental in attracting and retaining customers in a multi-channel environment, thereby safeguarding potential sales opportunities and fostering relationships. It ensures an outstanding experience by enabling interactions across diverse communication channels. The primary users of Rocket.Chat Omnichannel are Admins, Managers, and Agents.

Enable Omnichannel

To enable the Omnichannel feature on your workspace,
  • Go to Administration > Workspace > Settings > Omnichannel
  • Toggle on Enable Omnichannel.
  • Click Save Changes.
Kindly contact your workspace administrator to enable Omnichannel. Learn how to configure Omnichannel on your Rocket.Chat workspace.
Now, the administrator and Rocket.Chat Omnichannel Manager can access Omnichannel Settings by navigating to Administration > Omnichannel. Only users with Administrator and Omnichannel Manager roles assigned to them can access this menu.
Current Chats: View all existing Omnichannel conversations.
Analytics: Analyze the productivity of your Live Chat Agents.
Real-time Monitoring: Monitor your incoming and ongoing Live Chat conversations in real-time.
Managers: Organize Omnichannel managers.
Agents: Manage Omnichannel agents and their departments.
Department: Set up Omnichannel departments.
Custom Fields: Add custom fields to receive additional information from visitors during registration before initiating a Live Chat conversation.
Livechat Triggers Manager's Guide: Configure Omnichannel LiveChat trigger to open the LiveChat widget.
Livechat Widget Installation: Embed the LiveChat widget into your web pages.
LiveChat Widget Appearance: Customize the LiveChat widget to suit your branding style.
Webhooks Manager's Guide: Configure Omnichannel webhooks to integrate the Rocket.Chat Omnichannel to any third-party system, e.g., CRM, Zoho.
Business Hours Manager's Guide: Set up business hours to specify your business's working days and hours.
Monitors Omnichannel Guide: Set up users to monitor all Omnichannel activities.
Units Manager's Guide: Organize a unit of multiple departments and assign a monitor to oversee them.
Canned Responses: Save message snippets with shortcuts to enable faster communication.
Tags Manager's Guide: Create tags to sort Live Chat conversations quickly.
Priorities Manager's Guide: Change the order of Omnichannel queues based on Estimated Due Time.
Rocket.Chat versions receive support for six months after release.