Omnichannel Contact Center

The Omnichannel Contact Center is a directory of contacts, chats, and calls.
To access the Contact Center, click the
icon on the Omnichannel navigation tab, and a screen displaying all the records is seen.
As an omnichannel agent, you can view contacts, chats, and calls you have served.
As an omnichannel manager, you can view contacts, chats, and calls served by your department.
As a workspace administrator, you can view contacts, chats, and calls served on your entire workspace.


Under the Contacts tab, you can see all the contacts you have been serving as an Omnichannel agent.

Search omnichannel contact

Omnichannel contacts are searched by username, name, email, or phone. To search for a contact:
  • Click the Contacts tab if you are on a different tab.
  • Enter your search query in the Search box.
  • Click on the contact of interest, and the details are revealed on a panel on the right.
Searching can also be done using custom field values. This is only possible if the Searchable option of the field is enabled when creating the contact.

View/edit omnichannel contact information

To view or edit a contact:
  • Click the contact.
  • The details of the contact are revealed on a panel on the right.
  • Click Edit to start editing.
  • Update the fields you are interested in.
  • Click Save to save the contact details or click Cancel otherwise.

Create a new omnichannel contact

To create a new contact:
  • Click the Contacts tab.
  • Click New Contact.
  • Enter the new contact's name, email, phone, and email.
  • Hit Save.
As a Rocket.Chat enterprise user; you can assign an Omnichannel contact to a particular manager.


All the conversations appear under the Chats tab.
No open chat appears in the Contact Center. A chat appears in the Contact Center as soon as it is closed because Contact Center only deals with archived conversations.
  • Search to open your desired conversation details
  • Click Edit to edit the conversation details
  • Click
    on top right on Room Information panel to view the full conversation
  • You can perform all the quick actions applicable to the Closed state of the conversation.


You can see all the calls under the Calls tab.

Search omnichannel call

To search omnichannel calls:
  • Click the Calls tab.
  • Enter the search query in the Search box. Search is done based on name or phone number.
  • Click on a call row to see the details. The details of the call are revealed on the right, such as the duration, the wrap-up notes, and the last time you had a call with the contact.