Omnichannel Agents are responsible for handling Omnichannel conversations. An agent can belong to a particular department and gets notified when a new conversation gets initiated if they are available.

To access this menu, go to Administration > Omnichannel > Agents. Here, you can view, add or remove agents.

Add Omnichannel Agent

To add a user as an Omnichannel agent,

  • Search or select the user from the Username field.

  • Click Add agent.

This will automatically assign the Omnichannel Agent role to that user.

View Omnichannel Agent

On the Omnichannel agent menu, a list of all the existing agents is available with their details and can be paginated if you have many agents. An agent's status can be seen on the Livechat Status tab showing whether they are available or not.

Edit Omnichannel Agent

From the Omnichannel agent list, click on the agent and click Edit from the sidebar. You can edit the following details of an agent:

  • Select the Departments from the drop-down menu to assign to the agent.

  • Change the Status of the agent.

  • Enter the Max. number of simultaneous chats that the agent can attend.

  • Click Save.

Remove Omnichannel Agent

To remove a user from the agents' list, click on the delete icon on the right against the agent. This will also remove the Omnichannel Agent role from that user.

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