Monitors in Omnichannel are users that have the ability to monitor Omnichannel activities and have access to Current Chats, Analytics, Real-time Monitoring, Agents, Departments, Business Hours and Canned Responses.
A monitor is only able to view analytics or activities of a department if they are assigned to a unit.
To access Omnichannel Monitors,
  • Go to Administration > Omnichannel > Monitors.

List Omnichannel Monitors

On the Monitors page, a list of all the users with livechat-monitor role is displayed. From here, you can add new monitors or delete existing monitors.

Add New Omnichannel Monitor

To add a new monitor(s),
  • Enter the person's username in the username field and hit the Add button. This will automatically assign that user the livechat-monitor role.

Delete Omnichannel Monitor

To delete an Omnichannel Monitor,
  • Click the Delete icon on the right across the user. This will remove the livechat-monitor role from that user.
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