Rocket.Chat Conference Call

Rocket.Chat provides real-time audio and video conference calling capabilities, enabling teams to share ideas, brainstorm solutions, and collaborate. Users in your workspace can quickly transition from text-based conversations to audio or video calls using any of the following call providers, available as apps on the marketplace:

  • Pexip: An enterprise-grade video conferencing solution with advanced security features.

  • Jitsi: A popular open-source video conferencing platform.

  • BigBlueButton: A web-based conferencing solution with whiteboard and presentation features.

  • Google Meet: A cloud-based video conferencing platform integrated with Google Workspace.

Conference call plan comparison

Here are the various conference call features supported across our various plans and on mobile devices:

Conference call provider comparison

Here are the conference call features supported across the available call providers on the marketplace:

Whether you're collaborating on projects, hosting virtual meetings, or conducting remote workshops, Rocket.Chat's conference call feature provides a robust solution for effective communication.

As a workspace administrator, you can refer to the Conference Call Admin Guide to configure conference calls on your workspace. Once it's successfully configured, users can visit the Conference Call User's Guide to initiate and recieve calls on your workspace.

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