BigBlueButton (BBB) app

BigBlueButton is an open-source web collaboration software utilized by education organizations for e-learning and training. According to user needs, the software provides a wide range of customization and integration options. BigBlueButton enables users to conduct web-conferencing and share documents, audio, and video files for online learning. The software’s “whiteboard” feature allows presenters to mark valuable topics in the presentation. In addition, its “polling” feature engages learners and helps the presenter to receive feedback. BigBlueButton’s “desktop sharing” feature extends beyond slides and allows moderators to share their screens with the audience enabling a better understanding of topics.

Download BigBlueButton app

A BigBlueButton server is required for this integration.

To download the BigBlueButton app,

  • Go to Administration > Apps > Marketplace.

  • Search for the BigBlueButton app.

  • Click Install

Set up the BBB app

To set up the BBB app on your workspace,

  • Confirm that the app is enabled.

  • Run sudo bbb-conf --secret on the BBB server. It gives you a URL and a Secret. See BBB's documentation.

  • Use this URL and Secret in the Settings tab of the app to connect to BBB

  • Click Save Changes

Configure conference call using the BBB app

To configure the BBB video conference on your workspace,

  • Go to Administration > Settings > Conference Call

  • Select BigBlueButton as your Default Provider

  • Select the options that meet your needs and click Save changes.

The BigBlueButton app is successfully configured on your server. FollowConference Call User's Guide to start using it.

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