Secured Push Notification

If you are on the Enterprise plan, the Secured Push Notification sends the ID of the message rather than the entire message through a push gateway (Apple or Google). Once the ID reaches the user’s device, the message is retrieved from Rocket.Chat server and the notification is created.

This process applies whether the user uses Rocket.Chat's push gateway or their own.


You can enable and configure push notifications for workspace members using mobile devices.

Show Channel/Group/Username in Notification

The default is TRUE. Disabling this setting prevents the Channel, Group, Discussion, and Username from being sent to the push notification gateway.

Show Message in Notification

The default is TRUE. Disabling this setting prevents the message content from being sent to the push notification gateway.

If the above privacy settings are disabled, the user receives a push notification without contextual information, as no such contextual information is sent to the push notification gateway in the first place. Then, the user can access the contextual information by opening the Rocket.Chat application. It is helpful in compliance-sensitive requirements like HIPAA to prevent sensitive information from being disclosed via push notification.

Fetch full message content from the server on the receipt

If this setting is enabled, the notification payload sent through the Apple Push Notification service or Firebase Cloud Messaging service contains no message content. Instead, it has only the message ID, which the mobile app uses to fetch the message content from the Rocket.Chat server to display the notification. A generic push notification message is shown if something happens and the app cannot reach the server in time. When the setting is disabled, the message content is sent via push notification payload so the mobile app can immediately display the notification.

To update privacy for push notifications,

  • Go to Administration > Workspace > Settings > Push

  • Go to Privacy and update your settings.

  • Click Save Changes.

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