Edit A Channel

To edit a public or private channel:

  • Click the Room Information icon from the menu bar to view the Channel information.

  • Click Edit to edit the Channel information.

  • Update the Channel information.

  • Click Save.

Other Channel Edit Actions

Some additional edit actions for a channel include:

Password Access

Secure a channel by setting up password access. It means users can only join the channel with a valid password.

Hide System Messages

Select the Rocket.Chat action alerts to hide. For example—"Hide User Joined messages" will hide the alert that displays in the chat whenever a new user joins the channel.

Hide or Leave a Channel

  • To Hide or Leave a channel, click the kebab icon next to the delete button on the Channel Information page.

  • Select Hide or Leave from the dropdown options.

  • To unhide a channel, you may search for it in your Rocket.Chat workspace.

Alternatively, enter the command /part or /leave in the message input box to leave that channel.

A channel owner can not leave a channel until they set someone else as the owner of that channel.

Star Messages in Channel

You can star important messages in a channel to easily access them later. Starred messages are identified by a small star ⭐ by the side.

To star a message,

  • Click the kebab icon when you hover over the message. Then, select Star.

To un-star a message,

  • Click the kebab icon when you hover over the message. Then, select Remove Star.

To view all stared messages,

  • Click on the kebab icon of the Channel menu bar and select Starred Messages. A list of all stared messages are displayed.

Prune Messages from a Channel

If you are a workspace admin or are assigned the clean-channel-history permission, the prune messages option allows you to swiftly delete messages from a channel.

Pruned messages and files are deleted forever and cannot be recovered. You are advised to use this feature with extra caution.

To prune selected messages, fill in these fields:

  • Newer than: Deletes all messages posted after a particular date.

  • Older than: Deletes all messages posted before a particular date.

  • Users: Allows you to specify which user's message to delete. Add a username, and the user's messages are deleted.

  • Inclusive: Deletes all messages that were sent at the specified start and end times you have specified in the Newer than and Older than fields.

  • Exclude pinned messages: Do not delete pinned messages.

  • Only remove the attached files, keep messages: Delete files but not the messages.

Channel Notifications

You can update the notification preference for a channel you belong to. By default, a channel notifies you whenever someone mentions you or uses the @all mention.

To update channel notification preferences,

  • Click the kebab icon at the menu bar of the channel.

  • Select Notification Preferences.

The notification options include the following:

  • Turn ON: Choose whether to receive alerts or not.

  • Mute @all and @here mentions: Mute alerts whenever you are mentioned in the channel.

  • Mark As Unread: Display the channel as unread when there are unread messages.

  • Audio: Select whether the channel will play a sound whenever someone mentions you or post a message on the channel. The sound can also be customized.

  • Desktop: Controls notification behavior when using any desktop app or browser.

  • Mobile: Controls push notification behavior when using any mobile app.

  • Email: Set whether an email is sent whenever someone mentions you or posts a message.

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