Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) lets anyone locate data about your server or company. Rocket.Chat lets you connect with your Active Directory application or Identity Management System through LDAP. You can leverage advanced settings such as background sync, roles mapping from groups, auto-logout, and advanced user data sync.
To configure LDAP authentication,
  • Go to Administration > Workspace > Settings > LDAP
  • Enable LDAP, and add configurations to connect with your LDAP server.
Rocket.Chat supports a variety of LDAP capabilities and associated identity management features. For example, you can import users from an active directory into your workspace.
The LDAP features supported by community and enterprise editions are detailed in Identity Management.

LDAP Actions

These actions are found at the top of the LDAP settings screen.
All these actions, except "LDAP Documentation" are exclusive to enterprise edition workspaces.
  • Test Connection: This will use your provided values and test for a connection. It will test the authentication and encryption but not the syncing settings.
  • Test LDAP Search: Searches and notify if a user is found as configured in the user search page.
  • Sync Now: Syncs your LDAP data based on the Data Sync configurations.
  • LDAP Documentation: This will redirect you to the Rocket.Chat LDAP Documentation.
If you dont get a response alert for these actions, always check the logs Administration > Workspace > View Logs to confirm if they were succesful or there is an error.