User Status

The Rocket.Chat User Status setting lets you manage users' presence and status in your workspace.
A Presence is used to determine the Status of a user in the workspace.
By default, Rocket.Chat has the following Presence presets.
  • Online: Used to indicate a user is online and available.
  • Away: Indicates a user is idle and away from the workspace. See how to configure the Idle time limit here Default User Preferences or as a user in User Presence.
  • Busy: This shows a user is busy and unavailable on the workspace.
  • Offline: Used to indicate a user is offline and not connected.
To access this menu,
Navigate to Administration > Workspace > User Status

Presence Service

With the Presence service enabled, users can see the status of other users in the workspace.
To enable the Presence service,
  • Navigate to Administration > Workspace > User Status > Presence service. The Presence service cap side panel opens up.
  • Toggle the Service status to on.
The Presence service automatically gets disabled when concurrent connections are up to 200 on Rocket.Chat Free Edition(Community Edition).
Enterprise workspaces have no cap on the Presence service.
When the Presence service gets disabled automatically due to the cap on concurrent connections,
  • Users see the status indicator for all users, including themselves as disabled.
  • The workspace Administrator has to manually reactivate the Presence service when the total number of connections drops below the connection limit of 200.
  • Workspace users and administrator(s) are notified that Presence is inactive because the workspace has exceeded the connection limit.

Custom Status

To create a custom status,
  • Navigate to Administration > Workspace > User Status > New custom status. A side panel opens up.
  • Enter a name for your custom status.
  • Select a presence to tie with your custom status.
  • Hit Save

Use Custom Status

Created custom status shows up along with the default status presets to all users across your workspace.
To set a custom status,
  • Click on your avatar by the top left of your workspace
  • A dropdown is seen
  • Select the custom status from the list of statuses.

Delete/Edit Custom Status

To delete or edit a custom status,
  • Navigate to Administration > Workspace > User Status
  • Search and click the custom status you want to edit or delete.
  • Hit Delete or Edit to delete or update the selected status, respectively.
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