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    Slow connections. iOS connection error

    95% or more of these are due to improperly configured reverse proxies where the WebSocket is not working properly. If a WebSocket cannot be correctly established, the client will try and fall back to an XHR connection. It is extremely slow and flaky. The iOS app will not connect at all without a WebSocket.

    Always use chrome and dev tools to check for the presence of a WebSocket.


    • Right Click, Inspect

    • Network, F5 to refresh

    • Look for the WS filter

    • Should see WebSocket( wss://

    • Click it and look on the right for 'Headers'

    • Has this got a green light?

     Status Code: 101 Switching Protocols
    • What do the headers say?

    Response headers
     Connection: Upgrade
     Sec-WebSocket-Accept: nXd/PfaHuA1Kx/ggJWAAy+96Ee4=
     Upgrade: websocket

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