Fair Use Allowance FAQ
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    Fair Use Allowance FAQ

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    In recognition of the dynamic nature of organizations and their evolving communication requirements, Rocket.Chat acknowledges that there may be occasions where your organization's user count surpasses the license seat capacity outlined in your existing plan. To support these periods of growth and maintain continuous service, Rocket.Chat can provide a fair allowance under specific circumstances.

    What is the fair use allowance offered by Rocket.Chat?

    The Fair License is a temporary flexibility provided by Rocket.Chat. It allows customers to accommodate additional users beyond their licensed seat limit without disrupting the service. This means if your workspace is granted this benefit, your Rocket.Chat service will continue to function smoothly, even if your user count exceeds the specified limit.

    How does the fair use allowance work?

    The process is straightforward:

    • Notification: When your organization reaches its user limit, all administrators will receive an automatic notification through a banner and the workspace info page.

    • Action: You should contact your Rocket.Chat representative to discuss the overage scenario or add more seats through the manage subscription page, if applicable to your workspace.

    Under what conditions is the fair use allowance granted?

    The fair license is subject to Rocket.Chat's approval and is not automatically granted. It's designed to accommodate occasional spikes in user count, rather than permanent expansions.

    Can the fair use allowance change?

    Yes, Rocket.Chat reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Fair License benefit at any time, without prior notice.

    What should organizations do to prepare for potential changes in the fair use allowance?

    Organizations should regularly review their user count and plan for potential expansions. It's advisable to stay in close communication with your Rocket.Chat representative and monitor any announcements regarding policy changes.

    Is the fair use allowance meant for long-term expansion?

    No, the fair use allowance is intended for occasional spikes in user count. For long-term expansion, organizations should consider upgrading their plan or adding more seats per their growth needs.

    How can organizations avoid service disruption due to exceeding user limits?

    Regularly monitor user counts and communicate early with Rocket.Chat representatives are key. Additionally, considering timely upgrades or seat additions can prevent disruptions.

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