Jira Server v2.0

How to install and configure your Jira Server integration with Rocket.Chat
Due to Atlassian's decision to deprecate its server products, the Jira server v2.0 app is no longer supported in the latest versions of Rocket.Chat and will be


This app lets you connect your channels or private groups to different projects from different Jira Servers.
The following notifications are supported:
  • Project created
  • Project deleted
  • Issue created
  • Issue transitioned
  • Issue updated


Migrating from version 1.x: Please note that this is a major version update, which means it includes breaking changes. You will need to configure your connections again after the update.
You can install our Jira Server Integration Rocket.Chat App from your Rocket.Chat Administration area.
  • Go to Administration > Workspace > Marketplace
  • Search for the Jira Server Integration and click on the item
  • Click on the Install button
  • Click on Activate
Now that you have the app installed in your server, it is time to configure the integration with your Jira instance.


Go to any channel or private group and execute the slashcommand /jira-server. You will be prompted with the Room Preferences dialog_:_
Room Preferences dialog
Here you can connect your channel or private group to different Jira Servers. The server list is currently empty as this is a fresh install, so let's connect to a new Jira Server

Connecting to Jira Servers

To add a new Jira Server connection from the Room Preferences dialog, click on the "Connect to another Jira Server" button. You will be prompted with a form to fill in the details for the connection:
New Jira Server form
Note: We advise against using your own Jira user in the installation process. That is because the Rocket.Chat App has to persist the credentials to be able to search for projects and issues later on. We recommend creating a new user with administrative privileges. After the installation process, you can revoke those privileges from the user.
After successfully connecting to the server (the app will let you know if anything goes wrong), just select the new server from the list to integrate it with your channel/private group.
Select the new server to integrate with it
Hit "Save" and you're good to go!
Now we have to subscribe your channel to specific projects, so it starts receiving notifications from Jira.

Subscribing to Jira Projects

Go to the channel/private group that you want to receive notifications on and run the Jira slash command /jira-server. You will be prompted with the Room Integration dialog:
Room Integration dialog
You can click the "Subscribe" button to subscribe to any project you wish.

Managing your Integration

If you want to manage your channel/private group integration, you can use the menu in the Room Integration dialog to do so:
Room Integration dialog menu
  • Manage Connections - Takes you to the Room Preferences dialog above. From there you can manage to which servers your channel/private group is connected, add new servers, etc.
  • Reset Connections - Will reset all connected servers and projects from this room. Use this if you no longer want to receive notifications on your channel/private group.
Rocket.Chat versions receive support for six months after release.