Confluence Server

Atlassian Confluence Server Integration
This app can also work in a fully air-gapped environment. Follow the Air-gapped App Installation guide and continue with the configuration instructions below.

Install Confluence Server App

To install the Confluence Server App,
  • Navigate to Administration > Apps > Marketplace.
  • Search for the Confluence Server Integration app.
  • Click Install.
  • Agree to the permissions to confirm the installation.

Configure Confluence Server App

Confirm that you have the Rocket.Chat for Confluence add-on installed on your Confluence server.
To configure the Confluence Server App,
  • Navigate to any room and run the slash command /confluence-server install CONFLUENCE_BASE_URL USER PASSWORD, where:
    • CONFLUENCE_BASE_URL: The base URL of your Confluence server. Navigate to Confluence administration > General Configuration.
    • USER: The username of a user with administrative privileges in your Confluence server.
    • PASSWORD: The password of the user mentioned above.
  • Now your Rocket.Chat workspace is connected to the Confluence server instance.
  • Add the user to the room and assign permission to write messages.
We strongly advise against using your Confluence user account during installation. Create a fresh user with administrative privileges. After installation, you can revoke those privileges from the user.

Using Confluence App

After configuring the Confluence App, connect your Confluence Space to a room and receive notification messages when a page is created or updated in the Space.
To connect your Confluence Space to a room,
  • Run the slash command /confluence-server connect. A list of available Spaces you can connect to is displayed.
  • Choose one or more spaces and click Connect.
You can connect many Spaces to a room and a Space to multiple rooms.