WhatsApp 360Dialog

Omnichannel Integration between Rocket.Chat and WhatsApp Business.

This is a WhatsApp integration powered by 360Dialog. It is a paid subscription and costs you $39 per month. Alternatively, you can use the WhatsApp Cloud App, which connects Rocket.Chat directly to WhatsApp without any third-party service.

You must have the Omnichannel feature enabled and have agents and managers assigned to receive and send Omnichannel messages.

Install WhatsApp App

To install the Whatsapp App,

  • Go to Administration > Apps > Marketplace.

  • Search for the WhatsApp app.

  • Click Install and accept the needed permissions. You receive a message from whatsapp.bot in the #omnichannel-whatsapp-setup channel with setup instructions.

Configure WhatsApp App

To configure the WhatsApp App,

  • On the WhatsApp App Info screen, navigate to Settings.

  • Update the required fields:

    • Notification of undeliverable message: Notification to alert the agent that a message was not delivered to the WhatsApp platform.

    • Agents Display Info: You can display the agent's name or username.

    • File Uploads Enabled: Enable/disable file sharing and set a limit for Maximum File Upload Size (in bytes).

    • Accepted Media Types: Provide a list of accepted media types comma-separated. To accept all media types, leave this blank.

    • Allow Quote Messages: Agents will see the quoted message reference on Rocket.Chat, when the Contact quotes/replies to a message on WhatsApp.

    For workspaces below version 4.2.0, ensure you have the following index on the "rocketchat_apps_persistence" collection in DB: appId_1_associations_1 before activating Allow Quote Messages feature.

    • Template Message Metadata Refresh Interval(in Minutes): For a better user experience, the app must cache some Template Messages meta-data information. You can define the duration (in minutes) within which the app will automatically refresh its cache. To learn more about template messages, see WhatsApp Omnichannel Integration API.

    • Message Status Endpoint URL: The URL to receive the status of each message exchanged.

    • Filter Message Status: Filter the statuses you wish to receive at the endpoint ("Message Status Endpoint URL") based on Message Type.

    • Allow List options for Quick Replies: If enabled, messages with more than three quick reply options would be rendered as List options. Max limit for list options is 10.

    • Custom label for all List Option buttons: Define a custom label message you want to display on all Quick reply options sent as List Message.

  • Click Save Changes.

Create 360Dialog Account

If you have a 360dialog account, click Yes and proceed to connect your WhatsApp number.

From the whatsapp.bot message,

  • If you don't have a 360dialog account, click No.

  • Click on the Create 360 Dialog Account button.

  • After creating your account, copy the API key and complete the bot instructions.

Connect WhatsApp Number to your Workspace

After copying your newly generated API key on 360Dialog,

  • Return to your Rocket.Chat workspace and click Connect WhatsApp Number.

  • Fill in the required details:

    • API Key: The API key of your WhatsApp number.

    • Department: The department that will handle WhatsApp conversations from this number.

    • Welcome Message: A message sent to customers when they send their first message.

    • Conversation Finished Message. A message sent to your customer when an agent closes the conversation,

    • Default message for offline service: A message sent to your customer when no agents are available online,

  • Click Connect.

You can set up as many WhatsApp numbers as you want.

If access to cloud services is suspended on your workspace, you may still incur charges for 360Dialog, as Rocket.Chat doesn't manage the billing for this service. Refer to the official documentation for instructions on canceling your service subscription.

Uninstall WhatsApp App

To delete the WhatsApp app from your workspace,

  • Go to Administration > Apps > Installed.

  • Click the kebab menu against the Whatsapp app.

  • Select Uninstall.

  • Click Yes to confirm the uninstallation.

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