Rocket.Chat SaaS


So, you're interested in connecting Zapier to Rocket.Chat? I have great news for you, the Rocket.Chat Zapier App is now in public Beta!

Okay okay, before you get started there are a few things that you have to check.

  1. Is your server publicly accessible from the web? If no, Zapier requires it to be accessible via the web.

  2. Zapier needs a specific oAuth App running to work. By default this Zapier oAuth App should be already configured, to check this go to Admin -> oAuth Apps -> Zapier.

Warning: Make sure the user has not been removed from your Rocket.Chat instance otherwise you won't be able to enable the Zaps! If it has been removed, you'll probably see an error message that says something like (400) Bad Request and said "Invalid user [error-invalid-user].

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