Cross-server Federated Channels

Once you have added your server to the Federated Network, you can talk to users from servers who have done the same.

Using Rocket.Chat Federation

After enabling federation, you should be able to start chatting with other servers.

Inviting users from a different server

To do so, you should go to the Directory section, Users tab, and pick Every Workspace from the dropdown menu.
Directory Search Users
Then, you should be able to look for users on remote servers, called peers. You can search using a combination of a username and a domain or an e-mail address, like:
If the remote server is within Rocket.Chat Federated Network; you will be able to see the users:
Directory Search Result

Inviting remote users and chatting

If you click on one of those listed users, you will invite them to your server without login access. Also, you and everyone else on your server will be able to chat with that new remote user.
From now on, you can invite that user only to private rooms or discussions. Those channels are going to be replicated to the remote server, without the message history.