Air-gapped App Installation

Get and install an app in an air-gapped workspace.
Rocket.Chat allows you to extend and bring new functionalities to your air-gapped workspace through Rocket.Chat Apps. These apps can enhance collaboration, productivity, and workspace functionalities.
To get a Rocket.Chat App in an air-gapped workspace,
You can request a Rocket.Chat marketplace app via your registered contact from the support team.
Requesting for apps is exclusively available to workspaces subscribed to any of's premium plans.
Here is a list of the Rocket.Chat apps that are supported in an air-gapped workspace:
Optionally, you can build a Rocket.Chat App for your workspace tailored to your custom needs. Kindly refer Rocket.Chat Apps-Engine to learn more about building your Rocket.Chat app. Once your Rocket.Chat app is built and ready, visit Installing a Private App to install the app on your workspace.
Rocket.Chat versions receive support for six months after release.