Air-gapped App Installation

Get and install an app in an air-gapped workspace.
Rocket.Chat allows you to extend and bring new functionalities to your air-gapped workspace by building and using Rocket.Chat apps using the apps engine. These apps can help in improving collaboration, boosting productivity, and having you do more with your workspace.
The following apps work without internet access and can be requested via your registered support contact from the support team.

Getting an App

You can either request an existing Rocket.Chat App or build an App by yourself.

Requesting for a Rocket.Chat App

You can request these apps via your registered support contact in the support team. This option is available to enterprise customers.

Building a Rocket.Chat App

See the developer guide on Getting started with Apps engine.

Installing an App

After getting your packaged and ready-to-use app in a .zip format, follow these instructions to install it on your workspace:
For Rocket.Chat workspace versions less than 6.0, Go to Administration > Settings > General > Apps and Enable development mode, then proceed to Administration > Apps to Upload App.
  • Navigate to Administration > Marketplace > Private apps >
  • Click Upload Private App. You can install it from a URL or a file
  • Choose the Install from file method
  • Select the .zip file of the app and click Install.
  • Agree to the permissions needed to complete the installation.