Livechat Widget Appearance

You can customize the Live Chat Widget appearance to suit your branding style. In this section, you'll find out how to customize the appearance of your Live Chat Widget.
To access Live Chat Appearance go to Administration > Omnichannel > Live Chat Appearance.

Live Chat Widget Online Appearance

Here you can define the look of the Live Chat Widget during online hours.
  • Title: Set the title of your widget.
  • Title bar color: Set the color of the title bar of your widget.
  • Message Character Limit: Enable to set the allowed number of characters per message.
  • Show agent information: Enable to show agent’s information(Name).
  • Show agent email: Show your agent’s email address when set to true.

Live Chat Widget Offline Appearance

Customize the appearance of your Live Chat Widget here, for the hours when none of your agents is online/working.
  • Display Offline Form: Turn on to display offline form.
  • Offline Form Unavailable Message: The message visitors will see when unavailable.
  • Offline message: Set Offline Message, if any.
  • Title offline: The Live Chat Widget title
  • Title bar color offline: Set title bar color for when offline.
  • Email Address to Send Offline Messages: Set the email address to which offline messages will be sent to.
  • Offline Success Message: message to show the visitor after successfully sending a message.

Live Chat Widget Registration Form

Here you set up the fields you want to show on the registration form.
  • Enabled: Enables the registration form.
  • Show name field: Enable to show Name field.
  • Show email field: Enable to show the Email field.
  • Registration Form Message: Show any message on the registration form if you want. It appears right under the widget title.

Conversation Finished

  • Conversation Finished Message: Set up the message you want to send to the visitor when the conversation is finished.
  • Conversation Finished Text: Set up the message you want to display to the agent when the conversation is finished.