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Rocket.Chat Federation

Effective December 15, 2023, Rocket.Chat will cease support for connections from cloud services and official mobile/desktop apps to workspaces running legacy versions outside our support window. Users on unsupported legacy servers are advised to upgrade to the latest Rocket.Chat version to ensure continued access to cloud, mobile, and desktop applications. Each Rocket.Chat version is supported for six months post-release.
Federation allows for unlimited communication between workspaces by making them visible to each other on the federated network. Rocket.Chat uses the Matrix communication protocol for decentralized and interoperable communications. Organizations can easily connect and collaborate with external parties using any federated Rocket.Chat workspace or Matrix-compatible platform by bridging Rocket.Chat through Matrix.
To enable and set up Federation on your workspace,
  • Go to Administration > Workspace > Settings > Federation.
  • Setup and Configure federation with Matrix Bridge using this guide.
Rocket.Chat basic federation is deprecated from version 6.0. Thus, we strongly recommend using Matrix Bridge.


Here are the various Rocket.Chat federation features and the plans they're supported in:
Create 1:1 DMs
Create federated channels, groups, DMs, and multi-user DMs from the UI. Create federated rooms
Invite external users to federated channels, groups, DMs, and multi-user DMs from the UI. Invite external users to your Rocket.Chat server
Search public rooms in the Matrix Network.
Invite multiple users to multi-user DMs using slash commands.
Invite an external user to DMs using slash commands.
Send/Receive attachments (Files, audio, and video messages)
Edit, Delete and Qoute messages.
Message reactions and sending emojis.
Mention internal and external users in federated channels.
User's avatar synchronization.
Support for Markdown spec.
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Deprecation for cloud services and apps is now extended to November 20, 2023. Rocket.Chat versions receive support for six months after release.