Rocket.Chat Voice Channel

In Omnichannel strategy, the key goal is to consistently meet customer needs across various communication channels. The Voice channel feature is pivotal in this context, offering a crucial human connection that fulfills the innate desire for personal engagement.

Voice Channel allows agents to initiate and receive calls with visitors or customers in your Omnichannel workspace. Using a standalone phone system creates separate data sets, making tracking customer interactions and agent performance across multiple channels challenging. To bridge this gap and prevent fragmented experiences for both agents and customers, Rocket.Chat provides the Voice Channel feature, which is an essential component of the Omnichannel contact center. Voice Channel recognizes the importance of enabling customers to connect with an agent via phone calls when necessary. In this guide, you'll learn how to use Rocket.Chat's Voice Channel in your workspace.

Inbound Calls

Inbound Calls are valuable for establishing a local presence in diverse global markets. They enable you to receive calls on your workspace, initiated by customers using either their mobile or landline phones.

Outbound Calls

With Outbound Calls, you can initiate phone calls with your customers directly from your workspace.

Voice Channel Plan Comparison

Here are the various capabilities of Rocket.Chat's Voice Channel across our various plans:

Voice Channel holds a unique position in the omnichannel landscape, offering a direct line of communication between customers and agents. This human connection fosters trust and understanding, enabling businesses to resolve issues promptly and effectively. By integrating the voice channel into their omnichannel strategies, businesses can provide a complete and satisfying customer experience that extends beyond the digital realm. Moving to the next section, we'll discuss the preparation steps for using Voice Channel. Kindly refer to Voice Channel Admin Guide if you're a workspace administrator, and Voice Channel Agent Guides if you're an agent.

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