Rocket.Chat Voice Channel

Omnichannel means fulfilling customers’ needs at every touchpoint and providing the same functionality and experience across channels, no matter how a customer chooses to interact. The Voice channel is the most crucial touchpoint because it is the human connection people crave. A standalone telephony solution creates data silos with disconnected insights into customer interactions and agent performance across channels.
To fulfill this gap and avoid fragmented experiences for agents and customers, Rocket.Chat offers a voice channel feature set. It is a key part of our Omnichannel contact center because we know your customers expect to be able to get through to your live agent on the phone when they need to. It helps you get the most out of your in-house or remote back-office teams and deliver the experience that meets your customers' expectations.
In the following articles, we help you onboard and start using Rocket.Chat's voice channel as an extension to our Omnichannel feature set, with outstanding customer experience.


Inbound Calls
Inbound Calls are great for having local visibility in various markets around the world. These calls allow you to receive calls on your business platform initiated by your customers using their mobile or landline phones.
Outbound Calls
With outbound calls, you can initiate calls toward your customers.

Key capabilities of the Voice Channel

Community Edition
Enterprise Edition
Inbound calls
Call history
Call mute
Outbound calls
Calls on hold
Call Dialer
Call notes
Device selection
Call transfer
Coming soon
VoIP on mobile
Coming soon
Coming soon
To configure Voice Channel on your Rocket.Chat workspace, follow the administration guide. If you have it configured already, follow the agent's guide to start using it.