Rocket.Chat Registration gives you access to connect your workplace to Rocket.Chat Cloud.
To access this menu:
Navigate to Administration > Workspace > Registration for workspaces above Rocket.Chat 6.0 or Administration > Workspace > Connectivity Services for workspaces below 6.0.


Connecting your workplace to the cloud gives you access to interact with services like
Below are the steps required to connect and synchronize a Rocket.Chat self-hosted workspace to Rocket.Chat Cloud infrastructure at
The steps below are required only for self-managed instances. Rocket.Chat SaaS workspaces are provisioned and connected to the Cloud infrastructure.
To connect your workspace to our Rocket.Chat Cloud, you must be running a supported version. At least v3.x.

Registration steps

The registration steps are different depending on the version of Rocket.Chat your workspace is running on.

Workspaces as from Rocket.Chat 6.x

When deploying a self-managed Rocket.Chat >=6.x workspace you are automatically required to register your workspace upon completing the Setup Wizard.
With your workspace setup completed, sync it to Rocket.Chat Cloud as an Administrator by:
  • Navigate to Administration > Workspace > Registration > Manage.
  • Click on Sync to synchronize the workspace.

Disconnect workspace from Rocket.Chat Cloud

To disconnect your workspace from Rocket.Chat Cloud:
  • Go to Administration > Workspace > Registration > Manage.
  • Click Disconnect and Disconnect workspace.

Workspaces below Rocket.Chat 6.x

If you don't have a cloud account yet:

  • Hit Create account
  • Fill up the registration form and hit Next. A verification email is sent to your provided email address.
  • Click to open the verification link. You are redirected to where you get logged in to your Cloud console.
  • Under Workspaces on your Rocket.Chat Cloud portal, click Register self-manage by the top right to register your self-hosted workspace.
  • Select the workspace type from the modal displayed.
    • Continue Online with Cloud Services: Rocket.Chat server that has a connection to the internet (connected to the outside)
    • Continue Offline: Special cases where Rocket.Chat workspace is air-gapped.
See the guide on how to register an offline workspace.Air-gapped workspace Configuration
In the following section, we are going to cover the option for Internet Access.

Online Registration

A registration token is presented under the Online option. Copy the token, as this will be used to register your Rocket.Chat server.
  • On your Rocket.Chat workspace, navigate to Administration > Workspace > Connectivity Services.
  • Click on Register workspace and enter the token copied from Rocket.Chat Cloud account in the Token field
  • Hit Connect. This sets the connection between your Rocket.Chat workspace and Rocket.Chat Cloud console when successful.
  • Click on Sync to synchronize your workspace.
The newly registered workspace is listed in the Workspace section at
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