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    The Registration tab has been deprecated since the 6.5.0 version. Use the Subscription tab instead.

    To learn about the version support window, see Support Prerequisites and Version Durability.

    Rocket.Chat Registration gives you access to connect your workplace to Rocket.Chat Cloud.

    To access this menu, go to Administration > Workspace > Registration for workspaces above Rocket.Chat 6.0 or Administration > Workspace > Connectivity Services for workspaces below 6.0.


    Connecting your workplace to the cloud gives you access to interact with services like

    Below are the steps required to connect and synchronize a Rocket.Chat self-hosted workspace to Rocket.Chat Cloud infrastructure at

    The steps below are required only for self-managed instances. Rocket.Chat SaaS workspaces are provisioned and connected to the Cloud infrastructure.

    To connect your workspace to our Rocket.Chat Cloud, you must be running a version within our support window.

    Registration steps

    The registration steps are different depending on the version of Rocket.Chat your workspace is running on.

    1. Workspaces as from Rocket.Chat 6.x

    2. Workspaces below Rocket.Chat 6.x

    Workspaces as from Rocket.Chat 6.x

    When deploying a self-managed Rocket.Chat >=6.x workspace you are automatically required to register your workspace upon completing the Rocket.Chat Setup Wizard.

    With your workspace setup completed, sync it to Rocket.Chat Cloud as an Administrator by:

    • Navigate to Administration > Workspace > Registration > Manage.

    • Click on Sync to synchronize the workspace.

    Disconnect workspace from Rocket.Chat Cloud

    To disconnect your workspace from Rocket.Chat Cloud:

    • Go to Administration > Workspace > Registration > Manage.

    • Click Disconnect and Disconnect workspace.

    Workspaces below Rocket.Chat 6.x

    If you don't have a cloud account yet:

    • Go to

    • Hit Create account

    • Fill up the registration form and hit Next. A verification email is sent to your provided email address.

    • Click to open the verification link. You are redirected to where you get logged in to your Cloud console.

    • Under Workspaces on your Rocket.Chat Cloud portal, click Register self-manage by the top right to register your self-hosted workspace.

    • Select the workspace type from the modal displayed.

      • Continue Online with Cloud Services: Rocket.Chat server that has a connection to the internet (connected to the outside)

      • Continue Offline: Special cases where Rocket.Chat workspace is air-gapped.

    See the guide on how to register an offline workspace. Air-gapped Workspace Configuration

    In the following section, we are going to cover the option for Internet Access.

    Online Registration

    A registration token is presented under the Online option. Copy the token, as this will be used to register your Rocket.Chat server.

    • On your Rocket.Chat workspace, navigate to Administration > Workspace > Connectivity Services.

    • Click on Register workspace and enter the token copied from Rocket.Chat Cloud account in the Token field

    • Hit Connect. This sets the connection between your Rocket.Chat workspace and Rocket.Chat Cloud console when successful.

    • Click on Sync to synchronize your workspace.

    The newly registered workspace is listed in the Workspace section at

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