Here you can view room details, edit rooms and delete rooms.
Rocket.Chat rooms are where any communication or interaction with other users occurs. There are various types of rooms. Visit the room section to view room details, and create, edit, and delete rooms.
To find more information on Rocket.Chat rooms, please visit user guide on Rooms
To access this room's administration menu, navigate to Administration > Workspace > Rooms.
Here you can see all the rooms that currently exist in your Rocket.Chat workspace along with details like the number of users in a room, number of messages, type of room, etc.
You are provided with a variety of filters like Public, Private, etc., available to help you sort them by type.

Edit Room Details

To edit room details:
  • Navigate to Administration > Workspace > Rooms.
  • Click the room you want to edit the details for
  • Here you have options to change the room's avatar, edit room details, and configure other settings with respect to this room, like Read-Only, Private, etc.
  • Click Save after making your desired changes.

Delete Room

To delete a room:
  • Navigate to Administration > Workspace > Rooms.
  • Search and click on the room you want to delete
  • Hit Delete
  • Click Yes, delete it! to confirm and delete the room.