Email configuration

The Rocket.Chat Emails, Notifications, Email verification, and Mailer features depend on this Email configuration.

This page guides you through configuring SMTP settings for your Rocket.Chat workspace.

This configuration is only available for Self-managed workspaces. SaaS workspaces already have this pre-configured.

Set up your Credentials

  • Go to Administration > Workspace > Settings > Email > SMTP.

  • Protocol: Select the mailing protocol to use. SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) or SMTPS (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol.

  • Host: Your SMTP server hostname (e.g.

  • Port: The SMTP port (usually 587 for modern secured SMTP servers).

  • IgnoreTLS: Enable to ignore TLS(Transport Layer Security).

  • Pool: Enable this option to use pooled connections, otherwise a new connection is created for every mail.

  • Username: Your SMPT username.

  • Password: Your SMPT password.

  • From Email: The email to be shown as the sender.

  • Save changes

  • Send a test mail to my user - Use this option to send a test mail to yourself.

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