Users menu lets you view, create, edit, delete, deactivate, and, invite users.
Now you have your Rocket.Chat workspace is up and running and maybe have some users or none. Visit this menu to view, create, edit, delete, activate, and perform other actions regarding user accounts on your server.
To access this menu, go to Administration > Workspace > Users.

Invite users to your Rocket.Chat workspace

To access this menu:
  • Navigation to Administration > Workspace > Users
  • Click Invite on the top right
  • Enter the email of the invitees
  • Hit Send, and they’ll receive it in their email.
Note that for self-managed workspaces, you need to have SMTP enabled to be able to send emails through the workspace. If you wish not to do so, you can still invite users by creating their credentials.

Add new users

To add(create) new users:
  • Navigate to Administration > Workspace > Users
  • Click New on the top right
  • Enter user credentials
  • Hit Save
The settings Set random password and send by email and Send welcome email will require SMTP enabled to send emails successfully.