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    As a workspace administrator, you can view and manage all the workspaces linked to your cloud account.

    View workspace information

    1. Log into your cloud account.

    2. Click Workspaces from the sidebar menu.

    3. The list of workspaces is displayed.

    The following information is displayed:

    • The names and domains of the workspaces.

    • The region and deployment of the workspaces.

      • Self-hosted/self-managed workspaces: This refers to the workspaces that you host on servers of your choice. This option supports all the plans (Community and Premium).

      • SaaS cloud workspaces: This refers to workspaces hosted by Rocket.Chat. This option supports Pro and Enterprise plans.

    • The status of the workspace.

    • Click the kebab menu to see the actions that can be taken for the workspace. For self-managed workspaces, you can remove the workspace and cancel the subscription. For SaaS workspaces, see Workspace actions.

    Click any workspace to view its plan, push notification limit, total usage, and push notification usage.

    If you want multiple cloud-hosted workspaces under the same cloud account, contact us at [email protected].

    Manage your workspace subscription

    Note the following points when you deploy a new workspace:

    • The new workspace is automatically subscribed to the Starter plan.

    • As you exceed the scale limits of the Starter plan, your workspace is granted a 30-day Pro plan trial to explore the Rocket.Chat features that are accessible on the Pro plan.

    • If your workspace is already subscribed to the Pro plan and you exceed the scale limits, a 30-day Enterprise trial is granted to your workspace to experience the Rocket.Chat features that are available on the Enterprise plan.

    • Cloud-hosted workspaces start off with a Pro trial, not the Starter plan.

    You can modify your workspace plan on Rocket.Chat Cloud, with the option to upgrade, downgrade, or switch to monthly or yearly plans.

    To subscribe to our Enterprise plan, contact our sales team.

    Register your self-managed workspace

    On the Workspaces tab, click Register self-managed. You have two options to register your workspace to Rocket.Chat cloud:

    Continue online with cloud services

    Online cloud services provide you with benefits such as mobile push notifications, access to marketplace apps, and communication with external providers. To register, paste the Registration Token in your workspace from Administration > Connectivity Services > Token.

    Note that this option is only available for older workspaces. For details, see Registration.

    Continue offline

    If you have an air-gapped deployment, continuing offline will result in the loss of all of the Cloud Services benefits listed previously. To change to online later, you will need to contact the Rocket.Chat Sales Team.

    To learn how to register an offline workspace, see Air-gapped Workspace Registration.

    Upgrade or downgrade your workspace plan

    1. Log in to your Rocket.Chat Cloud account.

    2. Navigate to Workspaces and select the workspace.

    3. Click Subscribe.

      1. A Manage Subscription panel is displayed, providing options for the add-on or plan subscriptions to select from.

      2. Add plan or add-on: Select the plan or add-on you want to subscribe to.

      3. Select your billing plan cycle as Monthly or Yearly.

      4. Update the units of Seats (additional workspace users) or MAC packs you want to purchase for the selected plan. Click Save to continue. Validate the checkout, add your card details, and click Subscribe to complete the purchase.

    4. Click Save to continue. Validate the checkout, add your card details, and click Subscribe to complete the purchase.

    • You can purchase MAC packs only for the plan that you are on. For example, if you are on the Starter plan, to purchase Pro Mac packs, you must also purchase Pro seats.

    • Upon successful checkout, your subscription is activated and you receive an invoice via email. If you decrease the number of already purchased seats, the cost is refunded as a credit to your Rocket.Chat Cloud account.

    Once your subscription is successful, navigate to Administration > Subscription on your workspace and click Sync license updates to sync these changes. To cancel your subscription, see Cancel Workspace Subscription.

    Workspace actions

    You can take the following actions on a workspace:

    • Restart a workspace

    • Cancel a workspace

    • Update a workspace

    Restarting, updating, and canceling workspaces from Rocket.Chat cloud is only available for cloud-hosted workspaces.

    Restart workspace

    If you encounter any problems with your workspace, you can try restarting it to resolve the issue. This disconnects you from the workspace, which is then shut down and restarted. A server restart is recommended for minor performance issues like slow messages. Once you restart your workspace, it may take anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes (depending on the number of users) for it to become available again.

    To restart your workspace,

    • From the sidebar menu, click Workspaces.

    • Click the kebab menu icon beside the workspace and select Restart.

    Cancel workspace

    You have the option to cancel your subscription and hibernate your workspace.

    To cancel a workspace,

    • From the sidebar menu, click Workspaces.

    • Click the kebab menu icon beside the workspace and select Cancel.

    • Only workspace administrators can terminate subscriptions from Rocket.Chat cloud.

    • When canceling a workspace, the status shows as "canceling" until the end of your billing cycle. Once the billing cycle is over, the status changes to "canceled".

    • Should you reconsider your decision within 30 days of canceling your workspace, contact us at [email protected] to restore your workspace. However, if more than 30 days have elapsed, you need to create a new workspace.

    Update workspace

    You can update your workspace to the latest Rocket.Chat version from your cloud account.

    To update your workspace,

    • From the sidebar menu, click Workspaces.

    • Click the kebab menu icon beside the workspace and select Update.

    With your Rocket.Chat cloud account, you can manage both self-hosted and cloud-hosted workspaces. This includes subscribing to plans and add-ons for the workspace. In the next section, we'll highlight handling invoices for your subscriptions.

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