Offline License

Rocket.Chat License unlocks additional functionality included with your purchased plan. To be able to utilize these functionalities, need to activate your workspace with a license.
See how to get a trial on enterprise features.
In this guide, you will see how to get and apply a license on your Rocket.Chat workspace.

Getting Offline License

For air-gapped workspaces, you have two ways to get the license for your workspace before applying.

1. License from support

  • Open up a query requesting a license for your air-gapped workspace from the Rocket.Chat support
You will be required to provide the following information:
  • Your workspace registration email
  • The workspace URL.

2. Get License from Rocket.Chat Cloud

You are required to have completed registering your offline workspace as described here Offline Workspace Registration
Rocket.Chat cloud portal get license
Offline license from cloud console