Enterprise Trial

Apply Premium license for your 30-day Enterprise Trial.
The Enterprise Plan from Rocket.Chat caters to the unique needs of large-scale organizations that demand a secure, customizable, and all-encompassing communication platform. Tailored for large enterprises and sectors with stringent regulatory requirements, this plan offers scalable solutions, advanced compliance tools, and priority support. It is designed to meet the complex needs of these organizations, focusing on high performance, reliability, and integration capabilities. For businesses seeking a top-tier collaboration platform, the Enterprise Plan stands as the optimal choice.
If your workspace is on the Pro plan and surpasses certain predefined thresholds, a 30-day Enterprise trial is automatically initiated. The following diagram shows the events that will trigger the Enterprise trial:
Enterprise trial triggers
Keep in mind that if an Enterprise trial is triggered while your workspace is on the Pro trial, the Enterprise trial will only be available for the number of remaining days within your 30-day trial. For example, if an Enterprise trial is triggered on the 15th day of your Pro trial, the Enterprise trial will be available to you for the next 15 days.
If you decide against participating in the trials, you can opt to Cancel Workspace Subscription at any time during the trial period and switch back to the Community version.
This trial mechanism allows potential users to thoroughly explore the Enterprise Plan's advanced capabilities, enabling them to make an informed decision about upgrading to the Enterprise Plan.
Rocket.Chat versions receive support for six months after release.