Business Hours

Multiple Business Hours is Rocket.Chat Enterprise feature.
Setting business hours lets you specify the working days and hours of your business. This reflects on the Live Chat widget availability making it easy for agents to be notified and hence receive queries.
The enterprise workspaces can set up multiple business hours according to different time zones and their business needs, while community workspaces can only set up one set of business hours.
To access Business Hours settings,
  • Navigate to Administration > Omnichannel > Business Hours.

Create New Omnichannel Business Hours

To create a new business hour,
  • Click +New.
  • Fill in the required details and click Save.
    • Enabled: Enables the working hour.
    • Name: Name of the working hour
    • Departments: Select the departments the working hours apply to.
    • Timezone: Select the timezone
    • Open Days of the Week: Pick open days of the week. Each selected day lets you set an open and close time.

View and Edit Omnichannel Business Hours

On the Business Hours page, a list of all the created business hours is seen.
To edit a bussiness hour,
  • Click on that bussiness hour from the list.
  • Update the bussiness hour and click Save.