Payment Methods

Add a payment method to your Rocket.Chat Cloud account.

On your Rocket.Chat cloud account, you have the option to set up multiple payment methods for subscriptions using your credit or debit card. You can also set a default payment method for your convenience.

To add a new payment method,

  • From the sidebar menu, click Payment Methods.

  • Then, click Add Payment Method.

  • Add your credit/debit card details.

  • Click Add Card.

To delete a card or make it the default payment method,

  • Click the kebab menu against the card to display dropdown options.

  • Click Delete to delete a payment method.

  • Click Make Default to set it as the default payment method for your cloud account.

If you have only one credit card added, you can't delete it yourself. Kindly contact to get it deleted.

Moving to the next section, we'll walk you through the various measures to ensure security on your cloud account.

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