As a workspace administrator, you can view and manage all the workspaces linked to your account.

Manage Workspaces

When you log in, you will see the list of workspaces linked to your cloud account.
To register a self-managed workspace, click Register self-managed to enable your self-hosted workspace.
If you want multiple cloud workspaces under the same cloud account, please contact us at [email protected].
To view workspace Information,
  • Click the workspace to see the following workspace information:
    • Workspace plan
    • Push notification limit
    • Total usage
    • Push notification usage.
After your first sign-up, you are given a Rocket.Chat Enterprise Edition for 30 days. No payment is required. On the 30th day, you will be charged according to your chosen plan. The minimum volume or resources on Cloud provided per workspace is for 25 members, so you will be billed accordingly even if you have less than 25 users. Workspace members will continue to receive mobile push notifications for the remainder of the trial.

Upgrade/Downgrade your plan

This is currently available for Rocket.Chat SaaS workspaces.
You can change your workspace plan from the Rocket.Chat Cloud Console, with the option to upgrade, downgrade or switch to monthly or yearly plans.
  • Log in to your Rocket.Chat Cloud account
  • Click and open the workspace you wish to upgrade the plan for
  • Click on Subscribe or Manage Subscription button
  • A side panel opens up with details for you to manage the subscriptions
    • Plans / Seats: This lets you toggle your billing plan to Monthly/Yearly
    • Cloud Enterprise [Monthly/Yearly]: Increase or decrease the number of seats for your workspace depending on the plan selected above.
  • After the subscription has been modified, hit Save to continue
  • Validate the checkout and payment and Subscribe to apply the changes
After a successful checkout, your subscription gets activated, and you receive an invoice through email about the purchase. Decreasing already purchased seats will refund the cost as a Rocket.Chat Cloud account credit.

Restart Workspace

When facing issues with your workspace, you can restart your workspace. This process disconnects you from your workspace so that it can be shut down and restarted. A server restart is required when you face minor performance issues, e.g., slow messages. After you restart your workspace, it will take 1-5 minutes (depending upon your number of users) for the workspace to continue again.
To restart your workspace,
  • From the sidebar menu, click Workspaces
  • Select the Workspace and click Restart your workspace.

Cancel Workspace

You can cancel your workspace to end your subscription and hibernate your server.
To cancel a workspace,
  • From the sidebar menu, click Workspaces.
  • Click the ****
    three-dot icon beside the workspace.
  • Select Cancel.
Please be aware that the workspace administrator in your Cloud Console is the only person who can end your subscription. Self-managed customers can't cancel their workspaces.
When you cancel a Saas service, the status remains canceling until the end of your billing cycle. After the billing cycle is ended, the status is changed to canceled.
If you change your mind within 30 days of your workspace getting canceled, please reach out to us at [email protected] to get your workspace restored. After 30 days, you will have to create a new one.

Update Workspace

You can upgrade your workspace to the latest workspace version.
To update your workspace,
  • From the sidebar menu, click Workspaces.
  • Click the ****
    three-dot icon beside the workspace.
  • Select Update.