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This app can also work in a fully air-gapped environment. If your workspace is subscribed to any of Rocket.Chat's premium plans, follow the Air-gapped App installation guide, and continue with the configuration instructions below.

Pexip is a purpose-built video communication platform that empowers large organizations to transform their operations with video conferencing. Pexip’s unique technology provides a customized solution for an innovative and fully bespoke application of video, data privacy, and business continuity for secure spaces and frictionless collaboration for connected spaces.

The integration between Rocket.Chat and Pexip, a video conferencing communication platform, enables secure and compliant communication that is ideal for organizations operating within strict regulatory requirements for internal and external communications, such as government, financial services, healthcare, and others.


This integration is made possible by connecting Rocket.Chat with Pexip infinity through its external policy API. The Rocket.Chat Pexip App acts as a relay between the two platforms. Rocket.Chat users initiate a video call to a Pexip conferencing node and trigger an external policy request to Pexip. The policy server creates a single-use Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) and responds with the meeting parameters. This VMR is made available in the Rocket.Chat room for its duration.

Ensure that the Rocket.Chat external policy server can connect to the Pexip Infinity Conferencing Nodes over HTTPS on port 443.


For a complete setup, here are some requirements you need:

Download the Pexip app

To Download the Pexip app,

  • Go to Administration > Apps > Marketplace.

  • Search for the Pexip app.

  • Click Install and accept the needed permissions.

App Configuration

To set up the Pexip app on your Rocket.Chat workspace,

  • Confirm that the app is enabled.

  • Configure the Pexip server with a remote policy to make service configuration requests before connecting with Rocket.Chat.

  • On the Pexip App Info screen, navigate to Details.

  • Copy the policy server URL (GET policy/v1/service/configuration) and update the Pexip settings.

  • Copy the POST events URL and add it to the Events Sink on your Pexip server.

The events sink informs the workspace when a call on Pexip Infinity has ended. This way, the call message block on your workspace is updated with the appropriate call status.

  • On the Pexip App Info screen, navigate to Settings. Update the Base URL with the URL of your running Pexip server.

  • Click Save Changes.

Other Settings

  • Base URL: The URL where Pexip is running.

  • API Username: The API username to use for authenticated calls.

  • API Password: The password to use along with the API Username.

  • Theme Name: Name of the Pexip theme to be used on Rocket.Chat calls.

  • Lock Conferences: Whether conferences should be locked on creation.

  • Allow multiple concurrent calls on the same room: Enable to allow the creation of multiple conference calls in the same room.

  • Static Host Pin: A pin code to identify meeting hosts. Leave empty to generate a new unique pin for every meeting.

  • Participant name overlay text: Enable to allow participants' name or aliases to show at the bottom of a video in a conference call

  • Static Guest Pin: Set a pin code to grant meeting access to guests. Leave empty to generate a new unique pin for every meeting.

Configure conference call using the Pexip app

To configure the Pexip video conference on your workspace,

  • Go to Administration > Settings > Conference Call.

  • Select Pexip as your Default Provider

  • Select the options that meet your needs and click Save Changes.

The Pexip app is successfully configured on your server. Follow the conference call user's guide to start using it.

Using the Pexip app

After successfully installing and configuring the Pexip app, you can initiate a secure Pexip call inside any Rocket.Chat room by using the slash command /pexip or the call icon in the room header.

When you use the /pexip command, a new Pexip Virtual Meeting Room(VMR) is created, and a link is made available in the room for users to use and Join call. When you click the call icon in any Rocket.Chat room hit Start call. It rings and notifies users in that room to Accept or Reject the call. On joining the call, they are prompted to provide their details and grant permission for Camera and Microphone usage. The list of users joining the VMR can also be seen within the Rocket.Chat room.

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