Messages and Threads on Mobile


Rocket.Chat has different types of messages you can send in a room.

  • Photos and Videos: To use your camera, click the +plus icon in the room and select Take a photo or Take a video. After taking the photo or video, click use photo or use video to send them to the chat. For photos, you can edit the picture you took before sending it.

  • Gallery: To send a video or image from your device, click the +plus icon in the room and select Choose from Library. Select the video or image. Then, click Send. You can add a message before sending it.

  • Files: To send videos, photos, and any other type of file, click the +plus icon in the room and select Choose file. Select the file and attach any message you want to it. Then, click Send.


To create a thread,

  • Long-press the message you'd like to reply to.

  • Select Reply in thread.

  • Type your reply. Check the Also send to the channel box below your message if you want to return your response to the channel.

  • Click Send.

Last updated

Rocket.Chat versions receive support for six months after release.