In Rocket.Chat, conversations take place in rooms. To send a message, go to a room and type in the message box. Then, press enter or click the send button. While typing in the message box, press Shift + Enter to enter a new line. You can also move the cursor using the arrow keys.

Before you proceed, kindly ensure the Message settings for your workspace are configured to enable your prefered features.

Utilize the icons in the message box to upload files, format your message, record an audio/video message, and do much more while typing a message.

Format Messages

Improve your messages by making them clear and neat with various formatting options. You can format your messages using the formatting icons in the message box or markdown.

Highlight a message and click on any of the following formatting icons such as bold, italics, strikethrough, inline code block, multiline code block, and links.

Optionally you can use markdown to format your messages. Here is a list of the supported markdown formats you can use in your workspace:

MarkdownExample InputExample Ouput


*Hello Team*

Hello Team









:) :(





# Heading1





<|link> [secondlink](

Ordered list

  1. First item

  2. Second item

  1. First item

  2. Second item

Unordered list

- First item - Second Item

  • First item

  • Second Item

Tasks list

- [ ] Get press release - [x] Checked item


[here](+(075)-63546725) +(075)-63546725



~Lorem ipsum dolor~

Lorem ipsum dolor

Inline codeblock



Multiline codeblock

``` npm install ```

npm install

Upload Files

To upload files in a room,

  • Click the upload file icon in the message box and choose the files, or drag and drop the files into the message box. You can also paste an image from your clipboard in the message box.

  • Add a file name and description, and click Send.

It's important to note that the workspace administrator can restrict the upload of certain file types.

To forward files from a room,

  • Hover over the file message and click the forward message icon.

  • Select the user or room to forward the message and click Forward.

To search for files in a room,

  • Click the kebab menu icon on the room header and select Files.

  • Choose the file type you want to search for, then proceed with your search.

To upload files from Google Drive, see the Google Drive app guide.

Record audio and video message

To improve communication with team members, you can send audio and video messages within a room. Other users in the room can listen to and respond to your message.

To start recording an audio message,

  • Add a file name and description, then click Send.

To start recording a video message,

  • Add a file name and description, then click Send.

Remember to grant Rocket.Chat permission to access your microphone and webcam when prompted.


To share your location in a room,

  • Select Share > Location. A Google Maps preview of your location is displayed.

  • Click Share to send your location, or Cancel to discard it.


To insert an emoji,

  • Click the emoji icon in the message box.

  • Browse emojis using the icon categories or the search box.

  • Select the emojis you want to use inside your message.

  • Hit enter or click send.

Alternatively, you can also insert emojis by inputting an emoji code. For example, typing :) will automatically convert into a smiley face emoji.

To disable emojis in your workspace, kindly refer to Messages. When graphical emojis are disabled, emoji keywords and shortcuts display as regular text.

Typing indicator

When a user types in a channel, a typing indicator appears for others below the message box. For instance, "User-5 is typing."

Mention users

To mention your team member in a channel, type @ followed by their username (e.g., @username). The mentioned user will be notified through a red badge or email/mobile notification if offline. For important announcements, use @all sparingly to notify everyone in the channel.

View PDF files

You can view PDF attachments within the app from the release version 6.6.0 and the desktop app version 3.9.13.

  • The PDF Viewer is only supported for the desktop app.

  • In the File Upload settings, the file Storage Type must be Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage. See File Upload.

To access the PDF Viewer, send a PDF file attachment to any channel. Select the PDF and the PDF Viewer screen displays the file contents within the app.

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Rocket.Chat versions receive support for six months after release.