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Enable and configure push notifications for your workspace members using mobile devices.
Workspaces on the community plan allow up to 10,000 free monthly push notifications. To request more, contact Sales to discuss upgrading to a premium plan.

Push Notifications Configuration

To be able to use push notifications, you are required to accept the Cloud Service Privacy Terms Agreement in the Administration > Workspace > Settings > Setup Wizard > Cloud Info settings.
Go to Administration > Workspace > Settings > Push to enable push notifications.
  • Enable: Turn on to enable push notifications on your Rocket.Chat workspace.
  • Enable Gateway: Setting this to true allows you to use a custom push notification gateway. When disabled, it utilizes Certificates and Keys, allowing direct communication with Apple/Google instead of going through a gateway.
Rocket.Chat SaaS workspaces use the Rocket.Chat gateway by default and cannot be changed.
On self-managed workspaces, you can either use the default Rocket.Chat gateway or set up a custom notification gateway.
  • Gateway: Specify the gateway to use. Multiple lines can be used to specify multiple gateways.
  • Production: Enable this for workspaces in production.
With the configuration all done, you can Send a test push to my user to send a test push to yourself.
To successfully send a test push to your user, you need to be logged in to the workspace on your mobile device and then close or minimize the application.

Certificate and Keys

The workspace will rely on certificates and keys to configure push notifications if gateways are not enabled. Refer to the official guide below for configuring push notifications certifications and keys on Android and iOS.


In Privacy, you can configure what information you want your push notification to have.
  • Show Channel/Group/Username in Notification: Toggle this on to make the channel name, group name, and username visible in notifications.
  • Show Message in Notification: Enabling this makes messages visible in notifications.
  • Hide message content from Apple and Google (and the Gateway, if enabled): Turn this on to hide the content of a message from Google/Apple or any other push gateway. This adds only the message id to the notification data. The mobile client dynamically fetches the content from the server and updates the notification before displaying it.
For Enterprise workspaces, failure in fetching a message using the message id provided in the push data results in a "You have a new message" being sent.
With the push configuration completed, follow the Default User Preferences guide to set the default user preferences for notinotificationsfication. Manage channel-based notifications using the Channel Notifications guide.
On some channels, notifications can stop if the number of users exceeds the set limit. You can set the limit in Administration > General > Notifications. SeeNotifications for more information.

Connect to cloud

When you purchase a package for push notifications as a self-managed customer, you need to connect your workspace Rocket.Chat Cloud.
Link and sync your account in the Connectivity Services menu.

Check the count of notifications used per month

To check the count of notifications used per month:
  • Switch to the Workspaces tab
  • Select the workspace you want to check the count for
  • The push notifications block shows the number of used notifications per your current limit per month.
Last modified 17d ago
Deprecation for cloud services and apps is now extended to November 20, 2023. Rocket.Chat versions receive support for six months after release.