Monthly Active Contacts FAQs

Question: What Defines an Active Contact?

Answer: A contact is deemed active when their message is received in the workspace, processed by the routing system, and subsequently responded to by an agent.

Question: How Are Contacts Counted if a Subscription Plan Begins Mid-Month?

Answer: The counting of contacts begins from the moment you upgrade to a subscription plan, resetting at the start of each new month. For instance, if you adopt the PRO plan on January 18, you can interact with up to 15,000 contacts until January 31. The count resets on February 1, allowing for interactions with another 15,000 Monthly Active Contacts until March 1.

Question: Do MAC Rules Limit the Number of Contacts in My Database?

Answer: No, MAC rules do not impose a limit on the number of contacts you can add to your database. You are free to create as many contacts as you wish without incurring extra charges. Subscription plans only limit the number of active contacts with whom you interact.

Question: Is There a Limit to How Often I Can Interact with a Contact?

Answer: There is no limit on the frequency of interactions with contacts. For example, under the Starter plan, you can send and receive unlimited messages with your 100 active contacts without additional charges for MAC packs.

Question: Does the Starter Plan Include MAC Packs?

Answer: The Starter plan limits you to 100 Monthly Active Contacts. To engage with more than 100 contacts, you need to upgrade to the Pro or Enterprise plan and purchase the necessary MAC packs.

Question: What Happens to Unused Contact Add-ons?

Answer: Unused Monthly Active Contacts expire at the end of the billing period and do not carry over to the next period.

Question: How Does the Trial Period Function?

Answer: The trial period offers a sample of the next tier plan for your workspace. If you're on the Starter plan, a 30-day PRO trial license is provided, allowing you to interact with up to 15,000 contacts, the limit of the Pro plan. If you're on the PRO plan, a 30-day Enterprise trial license is provisioned, offering the benefits of the Enterprise plan.

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