Basic White-labeling

A standout feature of Rocket.Chat is its white-labeling capability, which allows you to tailor your workspace to reflect your organization's brand identity. This enhances the user experience and reinforces your brand identity among your team members. However, you must have admin role privileges to leverage these white-labeling capabilities.

  • You can manage the UI changes in the Layout settings of your workspace.

  • For in-depth workspace customization, see White-Labeling.

Customization Options

You can manage the user interface changes through your workspace's Layout settings. For comprehensive customization options, refer to our detailed White-Labeling guide. Here are some of the key customization features:

White-labeling homepage: This allows you to customize how your Rocket.Chat workspace homepage looks.

Customize colors: Customize colors to match your theme colors.

Custom logo and assets: The guide explains how to specify custom assets for your workspace.

White-label login screen: Customize the look of your Rocket.Chat workspace login screen.

Additional Branding Elements

Rocket.Chat Logo

The Rocket.Chat logo appears on the sidebar footer for workspaces subscribed to any of our plans, and it can be customized.

Rocket.Chat Watermark

The Rocket.Chat watermark appears on the sidebar footer for workspaces on Community, Starter, Pro Trial, or Enterprise Trial plans, and cannot be customized or removed. Workspaces with active Pro or Enterprise subscriptions do not display this watermark.

Rocket.Chat's white-labeling feature is a powerful tool that allows you to tailor your workspace to reflect your brand's identity. By customizing elements such as the homepage, color scheme, logo, assets, and login screen, you can create a more personalized and engaging environment for your team. Your workspace is now all set for you to invite your users! Kindly refer to the White-labeling FAQs for common questions on white-labeling your workspace.

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